The practice


The exercises of Kung Fu To´A have a direct effect on the muscular system, articulation, coordination and the ability of relaxation, which happens in Kung Fu To´A by the functional analysis of the sequences of physical exercises. With a change of statical and dynamic activity of the muscles, with economical load of joints, with the relaxation of tensed up muscles and the compensation of muscular dissimilarities, Kung Fu To´A is very well applicable to the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of the heart circulation system and trouble with the system of exercise.

The system of exercise consists of dynamic, circling and flowing physical exercises, whose mitives are assembled to make so – called Kung Fu forms. The forms are practised in groups or for oneself. There are forms for hands only, forms for feet and even apparatus forms. But this is also widened by the free and dynamic use of partner Kung Fu, and thus the [aspect of martial arts], which is inherent in Kung Fu To´A, becomes evident.